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Thursday, January 6, 2011

G.F. = Mundane Life

A few nights ago while I was driving to visit some friends, I suddenly realized that I had been given a great gift....

Letting off the gas and coasting through the 25 mph stretch of part of Raymond, I drove the 3 minutes it takes to drive through that particularly slow part of town.... I felt like the psyche of my crazy inner clock workings slowed down as well. Something in my head just CRACKled and deviated into some sort of amazing understanding; a slow spiral of knowledge materialized, like a chick giving the last peck to his already forgotten shell to shed it from his huddled and clumsy body.

Slow motion slow motion slow motion....and then the image that had been furrowing its way into my memory surfaced. It stuck quick, like the loud swoosh of an old-fashioned camera snap; however, it was inside my head and did not make an audible sound. Wouldn't it be cool if you could think sounds? Somebody told me today about this certain disorder that causes people to see shapes when they eat food...Like a certain shape will be associated with that food. Wonder if any of the famous Cubists had this disorder? They must have been eating a lot of the food that represented the square. And Picasso with his blue phase...Maybe he was eating a lot of blueberries or bleu cheese...? (Those are the only foods that I can think of that are naturally tinted azure.)

Back to my nirvana-like moment. The day I learned a little more about love. Not in a romantic way, but like the purest form of love you could ever have. Love without ulterior motives. Just squeaky clean untainted contentedness. Part the dingy curtains to behold the glorious shiny gen of clear-cut diamond perfection of the sweetest sacrifice of love you've ever seen....

Reminds me of heaven...

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