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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Guilt: The Good, The Bad, the Ugly

I've been doing lists lately - Maybe because I haven't really felt very left-brain lately, so I'm turning to numbers to appease my right-brain side. I love numbers...They don't torment me like creative writing does.

The Bad: I've been feeling guilty for my thoughts lately, and I read somewhere that "the more guilty a person feels the more God is working on them." I don't think I believe that after being heavily impressed to my inner core of how sinful and terrible I really am. I mean, I personally haven't done anything too horrible that would merit like law enforcement or anything, but just the raw hatred towards sin and humanity has been tormenting my thoughts as of late.

The Good: Kevin, Jeaneen, Jeanelle, and I were talking about this. They told me to maybe skip the guilt chapter of the book I've been reading (it's not a bad book really!), and to really look at what was bothering me: My inability to see the bigger picture and admit the real problem that I was having.

The Ugly: I probably will always have this guilt, but I don't have to let it control me. Everyone deals with it, and there are friends around who can listen and sympathize and distract me if necessary! :)

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