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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Adams' Razor

This is an article I published for the Walla Walla newspaper. And yes, it was supposed to be 200-300 words long. :)

Adams' Razor:

Ahhh (or some other comparable relaxed sound), the luxuriousness of a brand new spanking school year. Labeling all of your things, arranging your dorm room, and selecting which of your teachers will let you get away with sidelong eyes and a (vegetarian) Big Mac during a Chemistry lab. This is it. Your year. What are some of the goals you have for this year?

Cars, loud stereos, girls, boys, vegetarianism, carnivorism....Whatever is distracting you, let it drop, like all the hairs off a hairless cat, around the big picture. As you settle into this new year, forget about what you have for homework, who you are going to eat dinner with, and where you are going to go next, and focus on one thing; Why? Why are you here, at this school?

Let me assure you that there is Someone who is watching your every move, and no, it's not that creepy kid in the cafeteria. It's our Heavenly Father, who knows your thoughts, the number of hairs on your head, and what you need to make this Your Year.

Remember, the simpler version is always correct.

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