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Friday, October 2, 2009

Star Wars saves the day, yet again...

Why do I always do that?

Pick, pick, pick. It seems like I am always looking at the thing that I do not want to look at, doing the thing that I do not want to do, and picking at the scabs that are already bloody and over-picked. Why is it that I lack the self-control to abstain from that world of pain? Don't click there, don't go there; but I do. And before I know it, today is the worst day in the world. Because of that simple choice there's a frown on my face, a spring lost from my step, and a Lego left out of the B-wing Starfighter (I've never actually had much hands-on experience with Star Wars Legoes, but I'm sure they would be awesome).

Just an FYI: Did you know that there's a Stars Wars themed “Wookieepedia?” Super awesome! I'm so adding it to my bookmarked pages as we speak!

A blip on the radar, a depression in the meadow, a thumbprint in the IAFIS database...And just like that...My Kallie-ness is back!

...Really, all it needs is a little Star Wars!!!!

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