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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Evidence I live in a hick town.

A hick-town, I live in you. No this is not Yoda speaking (it's like an unwritten law that I have to reference S.W. at least once during every blog). It's me, Kallie Adams, and I live in a hick-town. Two things happened this week to confirm that statement.

For starters, I was offered jerky the other day by one of my sweet, sweet students. It was after school, and she shyly sidled up to my desk. "Miss Adams," she said in a singsong voice, "would you like some jerky?" It looked homemade, so I inquired about the technique, because some of the families up here do their own seasoning with jerky. They even sell jerky kits in Wal-mart. To this, she sweetly responded, "Well, it's bear, and my dad made it." Heavens. I thought I was intuitive about asking the technique, when the larger point that should be made here was that it was made FROM a GIANT, OMNIVOROUS bear. I can't think of the word to order bears. Elephants have pachyderm, and cows have bovine. What are bears? I know they're related to pigs....Anyways...

Also, today we were playing at recess, and it was such a nice day. Try to see what part of this sentence draws your attention: Sun shining, kids laughing, gunshot sounds, soccer balls being kicked around, Miss Adams slipping while trying to throw a line drive...If you answered, "gun shot sounds," you are correct. Any other part of the country, if a school were having recess and the "bang, bang" sounds of rifles and shotguns was heard, there would be a wave of panic. Here, on the contrast, it is as normal as sassin' yo mama and apple pie. It was so normal, that I asked one of my students, "Do you here that? Is that gunshots?" and he said, "Yeah, so?"

Reality check!


  1. LOL. Sounds like a fun and relaxed place. :) Did you try any of the jerky?

  2. Haha! Oh my. Same question, though. Did you try the bear? How was it if you did?

  3. I declined...Sadly, I've tried bear before and it was disgusting.